Saturday, November 17, 2007

Atlanta Botanical Garden

Date : 17-Nov-2007
Place: Atlanta.

After a long hiatus from blogging, I am back. I am sure no one really missed them. We all can do with a little less of gyan, I believe.

Armed with a weekend to spend, and a camera to shoot, me and my friend set off with our families to Atlanta's Botanical garden ( Thanks to the fall season, we got to see some amazing colors on trees. And inside the botanical garden's indoor areas, we saw some awesome flowers. (Check out some nice macro shots of those flowers at: It was amazing to see how they had managed to set up complete ecosystems inside the huge glass buildings.

There isn't much to write, so I will just let these pictures be my memories for the evening.

The main lobby at the garden entrance.

A statue of St. Francis.

At the baby frog pond.

Flowers in the lawn.

A frog's scultpure. There were quite a few of those at the garden.

At the Japanese Garden.

A path way to the indoor garden.

The lookout point.

Fall colors.

Flowers! Lots of them...

Inside the tropical forest type garden.

A bunch of flowers.

More flowers.

Somehow, this looks like few birds 'hanging out' on a branch!!!

A view of downtown Atlanta with the setting sun in backdrop.

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